The drum pack contains two folders. One containing the samples and one containing the pre-made 'sampler instrument' kits for the EXS sampler that comes with Logic Pro.

You can use the individual WAV's with any sampler, but the Sampler Instruments folder are simply pre-defined EXS kits that we include.

To install the drum pack for Logic Pro follow these steps.

1. Double click the zip file to unpack the two folders.

2. Drag the 'ADS - AKAI Samples' folder to:

  • HD > Library > Application Support > Logic > EXS Factory Samples

3. Drag the 'ADS - Sampler Inst' folder to:

  • HD > Library > Application Support > Logic > Sampler Instruments

4. Restart Logic and refresh the EXS24 samples list. You will find the kits in the menu under ADS Sampler Inst

That's it!